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Jade E. Duncanson of Bay Surgical Specialists

“We are a fairly new client, and were skeptical at first, but Brian has proved that his approach works! Our search engine rankings have increased significantly in a very short time; our website is much more appealing overall, and Brian’s knowledge and enthusiasm makes it a pleasure to work with him. We are looking forward to a successful future with ADI Media.”

Jade E. Duncanson
Practice Manager
Bay Surgical Specialists, PA

Amber of NBH Lifetime Health

“Brian put systems in place. As well as came up with ideas to help us implement certain different strategies we have never tried before. Subsequently, we had huge results…” -Amber

Dr. Christos Politis

Christos Politis MD

“Within a few weeks our practice went from the bottom of the page to the very top of Google for Urologist in St. Petersburg Florida. ”

Dr. Christos Politis
St Pete Urology | St. Petersburg, FL


Dr. Tony Dale of The Karis Group

“Brian has developed a number of successful companies over the years, including a company offering some very similar services to my own company here in Austin, which he recently sold to one of the larger players in our market. Brian’s understanding of marketing and technology, particularly as it applies to provision of services through the Internet is superb. Add to this his genuine interest in you and your business and his totally devastating power on the squash court (!!) and you have an excellent person to work with.”

Dr. Tony Dale
Chairman and Founder
The Karis Group
Austin Texas


James Diorio of CC West Printing

James Diorio - CC West Printing

“We’ve contracted ADI Media 4 months ago to give us an internet facelift, kind of help out. After two months our top 5 keywords were all placed and all in page one of Google and that’s after being page 10 or below.” -James

Troy Nalls of Third Cousins Media

“Back in 2008, his company hired mine to do web video and no one really seen it at that time so he was way ahead of the curve. Brian measured everything. The thing I like about Brian is he monopolizes the whole transaction.” -Troy Nalls


Rick of Adobe Graphics

“His decision making really impacted the sales. I know for a fact that right now the sales are doing very well at that company. Almost doubling what they were doing about a year ago…” – Rick

Enrique Rangel

Enrique Rangel“My name is Enrique Rangel and I am the CEO of, a national lead platform medium size companies.

Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with Brian McDonald and ADI Media on a number of joint marketing projects.

Mr. McDonald’s unique background, technical knowledge and complete understanding of how the conversion process works , was unusual and we witness first hand real and measurable improvements to his client’s bottom line results. We saw an incredible increases of over 200% in lead conversion and over 85% increase in lead volume under the direction of Mr. McDonald.

I highly recommend his services to anyone who is serious and ready to grown their business to new heights.”

Enrique Rangel



Eva Spirtos

“ADI Media started and within one week I was on the first page of Google and had my first client!!! By the second week, our Salon is now ranked number three in our area and I have a beautiful web site. “

Eva Spirtos
Total Image Hair Designs




Troy Nalls
“… you are the coolest white dude this side of Jesus!”

Troy Nalls